Thoughts from Past Student Fellows

Question: What was your favourite part about the AIMS on Campus Student Fellowship Program?


“The ability to gain feedback in order to adequately express my opinions, as well as a platform to explore my fiscal views on trade and economies.”                                                    -Christopher Sallie, 2016/17 AOC Fellow


“My most favourite part was getting to meet the different AIMS staff face to face at various AIMS events held around the city. I also really enjoyed the feedback I would receive on my written work and to learn how I could improve on my writing. AIMS is full of a very talented staff and learning from them has been very rewarding.”                           -Salman Dostmohammad, 2016/17 AOC Fellow


“The freedom to pick topics that interest us to write about. Work and school do not always give quite that much freedom.”                                                                                            -Mariana Carrera, 2016/17 AOC Fellow