Free Exchange is the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies’ student fellow blog designed to connect, inform, and empower students interested in individual liberty and free markets. The authors of these blog entries work independently and are solely responsible for the views presented on Free Exchange and, as such, the opinions are not necessarily those of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.

AIMS on Campus (AOC) is a project that introduces ideas of liberty, free markets, and individual responsibility to post-secondary students across Canada. Canadian colleges and universities should be havens for intellectual freedom, where all students feel comfortable expressing their ideas and everyone benefits from the exchange. AOC provides a forum for students to communicate their ideas, as well as opportunities to network with some of Canada’s leading policy experts.

The project is made possible through the generous support of the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation (www.hecht.org).

The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies is a non-profit, non-partisan Canadian think-tank located in Halifax, Nova Scotia that offers a distinctive Atlantic Canadian voice on public policy regionally, nationally, and internationally. The Institute sets the benchmark on public policy by drawing together forward looking policy analysis from the world’s foremost experts and increasing the level of understanding regarding what governments do well and what they do poorly. More information about the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies can be found at http://www.aims.ca.