AIMS on Campus 2017/18 Speaker: Glenn Fox

AIMS on Campus Presents

Free-Market Environmentalism:
Collapse of the Canadian Atlantic Cod Fishery

glenn fox

Dr. Glenn Fox will join AIMS on Campus this March at the University of Ottawa to discuss an emerging perspective on this traditional tension. It reviews that traditional perspective which emphasized categories of market failures as the causes of environmental problems. Recent high-profile examples, such as the collapse of the Canadian Atlantic Cod fishery, might be better understood as non-market failures.

Free-Market Environmentalism explores the positive role the institutions of private property, freedom of contract and free markets can play in promoting environmental stewardship.

Glenn Fox is an agricultural and natural resource economist. He has been a member of the University of Guelph’s Department of Agricultural Economics and Business since 1985. DrFox completed his Ph.D. in Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota. Professor Fox has presented at numerous conferences in Canada and internationally.

March 8th, 2018

University of Ottawa

LMX 242

7:00 PM

Join us and Dr. Fox for a pub night afterwards to discuss the lecture and ask further questions!


For more information, please contact our AIMS on Campus Coordinator..
Tel: (902) 429-1143, ext. 223 | E-mail:

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