AoC Event Monday (Jan 16) at UPEI!

This coming Monday, Jan. 16, AIMS on Campus will visit the UPEI campus. We will join the Dr. Henry Srebrnik’s U.S. Politics class in the political science department, located in the Main Building in Room 508 from 3:00 to 4:15. We will be coming to the class midway through, starting at 3:30 p.m.

Speakers will include the coordinator of the AIMS on Campus program, Jackson Doughart, along with AIMS’ Operations Manager Alex Whalen. Both are natives of Prince EdAOC.pngward Island and alumni of UPEI.

Their presentation will discuss the Institute, its objectives and operations, and information on the AIMS on Campus program. They will then introduce some of the research topics of AIMS, inviting students and faculty in attendance to discuss.

Special thanks to our AIMS on Campus Fellow Chris Sallie for his help in organizing the event, along with Prof. Srebrnik for hosting us.

Any students not enrolled in Dr. Srebrnik’s course are still invited to come for the presentation. We would appreciate an e-mail ( so we can get an idea of numbers. Should the classroom be too full, we have arranged to move to another room nearby if necessary.

AIMS on Campus looks forward to meeting UPEI students on Monday!


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