“That’s Debatable” Event

On Nov. 1, we held an AIMS on Campus student outreach event at McGill University. It is one of several events planned for this year that will inform students of our campus program. This year we are introducing a format called “That’s Debatable.” At our outreach events, we pick public policy topics and engage in a friendly exchange of debate with the students, thereby showcasing one way that the Institute promotes healthy conversation about public policy topics.

The group assembled for our McGill event was particularly interesting. Our AIMS on Campus Fellow at McGill, Nova Scotia native Justin Hatherly, helped to organize the get-together. As is often the case with political science students, members of the group held many different political views, providing for a lively discussion.

AIMS on Campus Coordinator Jackson Doughart started things off with an overview of the Institute’s mission, how it operates, and its campus program. He then led a discussion about a new proposal for the federal government to impose a carbon price on provinces that did not do so voluntarily.

Next, the students continued to discuss carbon pricing, which led to other topics including the urban-rural divide, minimum wage laws, corporate responsibility, and business subsidies.

Following the meeting, several of the students gathered at McGill’s student pub to continue the discussion. Thanks to them for their participation, and especially to Justin Hatherly for his assistance with the event.

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