2016-17 AIMS on Campus Fellows

AIMS on Campus is pleased to introduce its cohort of AIMS on Campus Fellows for 2016-17. Throughout the year, they will be writing for the “Free Exchange” blog and assisting with various activities as part of the program.

Justin Hatherly is an undergraduate student at McGill University, pursuing a degree in Political Science. Originally from Nova Scotia, he grew up in Hong Kong. At McGill, he regularly writes opinion pieces on economics and politics for the McGill Tribune and the Prince Arthur Herald. His research interests include topics ranging from economic history to political economy.

Mariana Carrera was raised in Dartmouth and is a proud daughter of Mexican immigrants. She is passionate about building bridges between people, cultures, and sectors to create a thriving society. This passion has led her through a Bachelor of Music (Mount Allison), a Master’s of Public Administration (Dalhousie), non-profit and public sector work, and now a Bachelor of Social Work at St. Thomas University.

Salman Dostmohammad is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration at Dalhousie University. Previously he was employed as a Business Consultant and Account Manager and later interned for the Privy Council Office. Salman is passionate to serve the community and has volunteered for IPAC, the Association of Municipal Administrators of Nova Scotia (AMANS), and others.

Chris Sallie is a 4th year Political Science student at UPEI. A chef with an existing degree from the prestigious Culinary Institute of Canada, he is passionate about all things food whether they be related to security, sovereignty, hospitality, or labour issues.

In his spare time Christopher is the Program Director for the Island Food Skills Initiative, a social enterprise dedicated to food literacy training.


We would also like to welcome Gabriel Duguay, a student at Halifax Grammar School who has been a welcome addition to our program. Gabriel is a bright and ambitious young man who will make great contributions.

For more information on the AIMS on Campus program, please stay tuned to this blog.

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