AIMS opens applications for prestigious student fellowship program

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The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies invites interested post-secondary students to submit an application for the 2016-17 AIMS on Campus Fellowship Program. It is open to students at any post-secondary institution in Atlantic Canada, as well as to students of Atlantic Canadian origin who attend school elsewhere in the country.

AIMS is a non-profit, non-partisan research institute that provides a distinctive Atlantic Canadian perspective on economic, political and social issues. The Institute seeks to stimulate public debate with well-considered argument and evidence-based data. AIMS publishes studies, conducts research and contributes to public discourse about our region’s policy challenges.

AIMS on Campus provides a platform for students to promote open, informed policy discussions across campuses in the region.

There are many benefits to student fellowships.

  1. Networking: Join students, academics, elected officials, public servants and professionals from across the country and connect with AIMS staff, research fellows and speakers.
  1. Education: Access AIMS research and learn about the pressing economic, political and social issues facing Canadians. Learn more about public policy and experience the work of a research institute.
  1. Experience: Learn more about short-form writing and publish pieces on the student blog, assist AIMS on various projects and contribute to campus events.

Former student fellows have published their work in regional media outlets, formed campus societies and participated in events throughout Canada with AIMS-affiliated organizations. In addition, they have had the opportunity to increase their network of contacts at AIMS events.

Ideal candidates will have a strong interest in public policy and some understanding of the economic, political and social issues facing Canadians. In addition to those enrolled in universities, students from trade and vocational schools are welcome to apply.

Student fellows will receive a $1,000 stipend for the school year. The Institute also financially supports AIMS on Campus-related events.

There are four components to the AIMS on Campus student fellowship:

  1. Writing for the Institute’s student blog, “Free Exchange.”
  1. Helping to organize and promote campus debate sessions.
  1. Participating in campus events, such as guest speakers and outreach presentations.
  1. Providing research assistance to AIMS staff, research fellows and affiliated authors.

Applications for the AIMS on Campus Student Fellowship Program are due on 27 September 2016. Interested candidates should forward a cover letter, CV and a short writing sample to Visit and for more information about the Institute and the program.

Please direct all other inquiries to Jackson Doughart, coordinator of the AIMS on Campus program. He can be reached at the above e-mail address or by telephone at (902) 429-1143 ext 222.


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