My Small-c Conservative Wish List

Dear Santa,

Christmas is just days away.  Do you remember when I used to write to you asking for Barbies, a dollhouse, pretty earrings, and good books? I am quite sorry for not writing you these last few years but what can I say?  Things have gotten pretty busy.  This year, I’ve decided to sit down for a moment and let you know what I want.  If you are able, I would love to have them delivered on the usual date of December 25th, but if it takes your elves a little longer I really don’t mind waiting a few more days.  So, here is my Christmas list, as an AIMS on Campus Student Fellow:

1) Lower Taxes

Lower taxes mean a more competitive economy, and more choice for the consumer.  If Christmas gifts were more affordable, there would be a decreased demand for your services as Canadians would be able to purchase more goods and services. This would enable you more time off to spend with Mrs. Clause.

2) Smaller Government

Smaller government means less government bureaucracy, and less regulations.  For the average citizen it means that the government would grant them more freedom by way of fewer rules.  For you this means less hoops to jump through in gaining government approval of your already excellent toy designs, and less boards to report to on the status of your reindeer heard.

3) An End to Forced Unionization

An end to forced unionization would mean that students and employees across the country would have the right to decide if they wanted to join a union, and thus to pay dues.  I know that this is being talked about in Ontario, but if you could get this going across Canada it would be much appreciated.

4) An End to the PIRGS on Campus

Every year the PIRGS spend student fees on political activism.  They have campaigned against Israel, water bottles, and the War of 1812.  Ideally they would all stop receiving mandatory student fees through an opt-out campaign.  Although, it would be an improvement if they study to student issues like say, tuition or the quality of my education.

5) My Favourite Political Thinkers

Could you have Friedman, or Hayek, or Bastiat teach a class or two at U of T?  Or even if you could have my profs mention them a few more times.  That would go a long way.  I hear McGill could use it too.

I know this is a tall order, but I would really appreciate it if you could make these things happen.  Also, if you could get a move on Canadian Arctic sovereignty, it would be much appreciated.  As I’m sure you’re aware, that would place your home in Canada.  Of course, we would extend full healthcare benefits to you and your family.  You would be a citizen of the True North, Strong and Free, if you could just make my Christmas wishes come true, and plant a Canadian flag at your door step.

Thanks Santa,

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas!

-Alanna Newman

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